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Services For Individual Apartment Owners

At Cyberapts Property Management, we take the stress out of owning investment apartments in New York City. Our services are designed so that your role as the owner is only to sit back and relax. We’ll take care of all the rest:

  • Rent Invoicing

  • Rent Collection

  • Expense Payment

  • Tenant Requests

  • Maintenance Issues

  • Lease and Lease Renewal Preparation

  • Board Application Assistance for New Tenants/Renewals

  • Apartment Turn-Over Services

  • Insurance Procurement

  • Emergency Repair Assistance

  • Renovation Oversight

  • Unit Owner Meeting Attendance

  • Monthly and Annual Accounting Statement Preparation

  • Facilitation of State and Federal Tax Filing Preparation

  • Furnishing Procurement and Inventory Services

  • Facilitation of Hold-Over/Non-Payment Proceedings

  • Routine  Property Inspections

  • Mortgage Escrow Reviews

  • Tax Assessment Reviews










Cyberapts Management

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